Taksim, shopping and shopping are the most conceivable places. This feature allows thousands of people to visit it throughout the day. As we all know, Taksim is the first place that tourists come to Istanbul to stop at both food and entertainment and shopping. As of the Taksim location, we can say it’s in the center of Istanbul. This means that there are many shopping centers in both Taksim and close to Taksim. In addition to shopping malls in Taksim, there are many shopping malls. These stores are located in passages in the intermediary streets that connect to Istiklal Street. Shops in these passages are often preferred by tourists for cheap shopping.

Box Hotel is within walking distance of Taksim and you can easily remove your shopping need during your stay. In this summer, we compiled Taksim shopping malls for you.

Demiroren AVM

Demiroren Mall is located on Istiklal Street. Offering a choice of avm shopping and dining within a 5-minute walk of Taksim Square. However, avm is generally small, offering less choice in food and shopping than other shopping malls. If you want to come over and get something and eat something, you can choose with peace of mind. If the restaurants here don’t suit your taste, you can check out our articles in restaurants in Taksim.

Cevahir AVM

Cevahir AVM is located not only in Istanbul but in Europe’s largest shopping centers as of its structure. With 200 stores, the mall offers a wide range of options for both food and shopping. The Cevahir Mall, where you can find the most popular clothing brands from Turkey and the world, is designed not only as a shopping mall, but as a cultural-art center. As there are the best cinema halls in Istanbul, there is a scene of the Istanbul State Theater.

To go to Cevahir AVM, you can take the subway from Taksim Square and get off at Şişli/Mecidiyekoy station. If you watch the Sisli exit when you leave the metro station, you can get right in front of Cevahir.

Kanyon AVM

The Kanyon Mall welcomes visitors as one of Istanbul’s first outdoor shopping centers. The canyon is a unique and wonderful design, and is home to the shops of very luxurious brands.

The canyon is not only for shopping enthusiasts, but also for those who enjoy palate. The canyon offers a variety of famous restaurants. This allows you to have a nice lunch or dinner at the Canyon.

The canyon is located in Levent as of location. You can take the subway from Taksim Square to reach the canyon. 4 when you take the subway from Taksim. You can land in Levent, the stop and reach very close to the Canyon Shopping Center.

Hemen Arayın