Restaurants in Taksim are preferred by thousands of visitors a day with a wide variety of kitchens and meals. Taksim, which is the most active and busy places in Istanbul, is the destination of millions of people during the day. Thanks to this feature, people who come to Istanbul prefer Taksim for both a trip and a meal. If you want a large number of restaurants located in Taksim, you can book it instantly or simply book it. This allows you to choose the restaurants in Taksim in peace on a special day.

Within walking distance of Taksim, the Box Hotel is located close to many restaurants that suit your taste. You can reach nearby restaurants in a very short time during your stay at our hotel. In this summer, we compiled restaurants in both our hotel and Taksim for you.

Cezayir Istanbul

Istanbul serves in the Italian High School building, which is as strong as its employees in 1901. The tiled and original structure of the place was made in a way that amazes those who see the first design. You can choose your preferences to cook dinner with a program other than the standards. The restaurant can go home from multiple meals to multiple rooms.

If you want to eat a delicious meal in a beautiful setting in Taksim, you can choose Cezayir Istanbul.

Leb-i Derya

Leb-i Derya is a restaurant that puts Istanbul at your feet with views of its location and location. The restaurant attracts attention as the number one choice for both landscape and seafood lovers. If you like to eat both the sun’s west and seafood, you can enjoy this restaurant very much. The venue also attracts attention with its calmness.

If you want to eat a quiet meal away from the crowds and excitement of Istanbul, you can choose Leb-i Derya with peace of mind.

Mikla Restaurant

Guests can enjoy Turkish meals at Mikla Restaurant, Taksim and Beyoglu. The restaurant offers a great view and delicious meals. The restaurant’s tasting and menu and gourmet treats attract attention as pleasant details that make guests happy. If you want to watch Istanbul remotely and enjoy a meal, you can choose Mikla Restaurant.

Hemen Arayın