Taksim is one of the first places that comes to mind about entertainment venues. Visited by thousands during the day, Taksim stands out in its entertainment venues at night. Many pubs, bars and clubs on the streets of Taksim are one of the places thousands of people gather and enjoy each day.

The Box Hotel is very close to Taksim, and the entertainment venues in Taksim are very close to our hotel when you want to go out for drinks and fun during your stay. So you can enjoy your time by reaching these places, even on foot. In this summer we compiled entertainment venues close to our hotel and in Taksim for you.

U2 Istanbul Irish Pub

It is designed in Istanbul according to the Irish culture and is located close to İstiklal Street. Irish music and Rugby games are regularly broadcast inside. U2 Istanbul Irish Pub is generally a warm and cozy environment, which is often preferred by visitors. If you like Irish culture and want to enjoy the warm atmosphere, you can choose this place with peace of mind.

Moretenders’ Cocktail Crib

Moretenders’ cocktail CRIB is located close to Istiklal Street. The venue offers a cozy and cozy atmosphere in general. It is also well-liked by its own delicious and original cocktails visitors. If you like cocktails and are looking for new flavors, you can choose the Moretenders’ cocktail crib by heart.

Balkon Cafe Bar

Guests can make use of a shower, a hairdryer and free toiletries. The venue attracts attention as a place where you can eat and have a good time with your friends. In addition, the venue is highly appreciated by visitors, offering a unique view of Istanbul. Another feature that makes it preferable to visitors is that their prices are reasonably reasonable.

Hemen Arayın